Water Beads Fun For Kids

Fun Activities Using Water Beads. Such a great sensory/development activity!

Today I learned that water beads might actually be one of the funnest and cheapest forms of entertainment on the planet. I got a bag of 15,000 of them for about $12. We didn’t even use 1/5 of them today and they filled an entire bucket. No joke, my girls played with them for 3… 

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Basket of Sunshine

Basket of Sunshine: Perfect Way to Make Someone's Day or Mourn with them!

Sometimes it feels like tragedy hits several loved ones at the same time. Near the end of the year last year, we knew a family who lost a child to suicide, a good friend who lost her uncle, and a few other people that needed some extra love in their life. Sometimes it can be… 

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Winter Awards Giveaway! $750 Value!

Happy Thursday! I am excited to work with Green Scene Mom for another awesome giveaway! Each of these items received a Green Scene Mom Award, celebrating Eco-friendly product design and creative innovation. This fabulous Winter Awards Giveaway is sponsored by the winning brands, and one lucky mom will win them all! If you have a baby,… 

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“Do You Know?” Questions that Bind Families in a Powerful Way

I had NO IDEA this one thing effects children in so many ways! It's proven to be the "SECRET SAUCE" that holds families together

Do you know where your grandparents grew up? Are you aware of financial hardships that your parents have gone through? Do you know their love story? Do you know what your grandparents occupations were? If you knew the answers to the above questions, good news! You have a better chance at thriving through life’s challenges!… 

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Hidden Picture Printables – Great for Travel!

HIdden Pictures Booklets. So fun to make for traveling, or other desperate moments :)

My 3-year old came upon a Hidden Pictures page the other day and was enthralled with it. She loved looking for the different pictures and pointing them out. This got me thinking…. “I wonder if I could find some free printables and laminate them for her?” Sure enough, I found some online! I got to work… 

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