Believe You Can


Hi everyone! It’s Jen from My Daylights Blog and I’m excited to share inspirational quotes with you each month. Words are powerful which is why it’s important to surround yourself with positive words that can uplift and inspire you. I’ve had a lot of crazy things going on lately, summer is busy!, and I’ve found myself… 

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Things I would Do Before Getting Pregnant {If I Could DO it All Over Again}

Great Ideas for soaking up life to the fullest while waiting to be pregnant

My hope in writing this post is to be sensitive to those who are so desperately trying to conceive. I have many friends and family members in this position and I pray for them every day. However, looking back…there are some things that I took for granted back when it was just me and the… 

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“Facts” About Sleeping Babies

Funny "Facts" about sleeping babies |

Sorry if you’re here to find tips to get your baby to sleep through the night as this isn’t one of those posts. Instead, I hope to give you a chuckle and have you nod along to the points listed here, which are all about sleeping babies. When baby is sleeping… You will make new… 

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Printable guestbook


One thing I loved about living far away from friends and family was opening my home for them as a vacation spot. It made being miles apart a little more bearable, knowing that I could show them the crazy city I lived in. It was so much fun to clean my house like crazy and… 

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Easy White Lace Sundress – a Refashion


Hi, it’s Joy from xoxo Grandma showing you one of my favorite sundresses.  Do you want an easy sundress to make for a toddler?  Look no further because this dress is so so easy to make.  My favorite part about this sundress is that it was made from my daughter’s skirt!  My favorite part about using… 

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