Why Amazon ROCKS for Moms {My Conversion story}

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Confession: sometimes I transition slow to awesome things. And I can be a doubter. And while I’m confessing things, I peed (a little) running out of Fresh Market the other day (darn post-pregnancy bladder)!

Wow. I’m getting off track.

pros and cons of prime membership

Okay. So several years ago when Amazon Prime was more new-ish, my sister asked me if I wanted to pitch in $20 to share her account with her. It went something like this:

ME: “Um. Spending $20 to get free shipping isn’t really worth it for me. I just don’t order from Amazon like you do. Thanks though.

And then she did what awesome sisters do and she added me anyway. At first I took advantage of the free shipping maybe once or twice in the first six months. And then I started really catching on. Catching on to how awesome the whole deal really is. I’m hesitant to share because if everyone takes advantage of it, Amazon might up their prices again. It has been 2 years since that scenario and I am now a full-fledged Amazon Prime subscriber. Thank you sister, for helping me see the light.

Here’s how Amazon is currently rocking my life:

Personal Errand Runner: You know those moments when you really, really don’t want to run to the store for that one item? That moment when you wish you could hire a local teenager to run and get it for you? Welcome dear Amazon. I can’t tell you how many times I have run out of a household item only to whip out my Amazon app on my phone and order a replacement. 2 days later it shows up on my doorstep. Now THAT is awesome!

Why Amazon Rocks for MOMS

Personal Coupon Clipper. Here’s another confession: I used to be a couponer. And if I’m being real honest I was bordering into the “extreme couponer” category (yes, I had more toothpaste than any human could ever use). Here’s the thing: it got old REALLY fast. I can’t even look at coupons now without having horrible flashbacks. It just wasn’t for me. I do love getting good deals though. Here’s where Amazon is awesome. I don’t buy EVERYTHING on Amazon because not everything is a better price. However, for things that really count you can almost always get a better price. Something must have been wrong with me the other day because I went into Best Buy to get a laptop charger and for some reason didn’t whip out my phone and check Amazon first. When I got back to the car my husband was like, “$60?! Are you kidding me?!” He then asked the golden question, “how much is it on Amazon?” (Can you tell I have him trained)? When I looked it was less than $20. And this happens all the time. I don’t even step foot in Babies R Us anymore because most things I’ve considered purchasing are significantly cheaper on Amazon ($20 or more cheaper for the tummy time mat I bought a few months ago). One of my first purchases when I signed up with Amazon was a phone case. I had almost purchased it in the store but couldn’t afford the $50. I was so excited to see it was $30 less on Amazon. I could go on, but I have so many examples and I know you really could care less to hear them all.

How Amazon is Rocking it for MOMS

Christmas. This might just be worth the subscription all by itself. The last two years I have purchased 90% of our Christmas online and avoided the holiday shopping crowds. I have loved this because I hate the “commercial” side of Christmas and I feel like I get to focus more on the things I love when I’m not wasting 3 hours in traffic. Again, Amazon has had great pricing when it comes to Christmas items.

How Amazon Prime Benefits MOMS


All the EXTRAS. Amazon Prime membership also comes with Unlimited streaming of TV and Movies as well as the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. This perk isn’t a big deal to me because we don’t watch a lot of TV, but I think the Kindle library is awesome! You don’t have to actually have  a Kindle as many smarphones and tablets offer the free Kindle app.

Split the Membership Cost With Family Members. Here’s where things get awesome. Like my sister, you can share your shipping benefits with (don’t quote me on this), I believe 4 family members. The next year when my sister asked if I wanted to renew I was way too addicted to my shipping benefits to refuse (thanks again sis)!

Subscribe and Save. My sister has this down to an art, but I am still figuring it all out. Apparantly if you have at least 5 items set as “subscribe and save,” not only do you get the subscribe and save discount, but you also get 20 % off on those items. This could really add up big on items that you use frequently!

Here’s a good article that explains Subscribe and Save

Conclusion: So there you have it! It turns out that Amazon actually can really rock your socks off.  If you’d like to test it out first, sign up for a free trial. But really, I recommend going for the full membership (which by the way, I get no commission off of if you do).

AMAZON PRIME FREE TRIAL (new subscribers only)



If you are a student, you actually get 6 MONTHS FREE!

What are some items you like to order on Amazon?


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    Sweet! I actually am totally an Amazon Prime person! I L O V E Amazon too and I think you nailed every single reason that I could think of! There is just nothing like it out there, it’s definitely a keeper! Matter of fact, I got my monthly subscription of TP today! LOVE their subscription services.. because you don’t ever HAVE to run out of essentials! Woot!

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    I am 28 years old, married, have a car payment… all in all, a functioning adult. Yet I totally use my mom’s account and love it! Prime makes a lot of things easier for me.

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    Whoa. Two comments in one day? Whoa.
    BUT my husband told me today this amazing little morsel: Amazon is getting really, really smart with its digital advertising, keeping track of your cookies and where you “shop online.” So say you’re looking for a Monkey Mat b/c you saw it on shark tank and convinced your husband it was pretty much going to be a necessity for all the traveling you have planned this year (er….”hypothetically”). So amazon will “watch” you get on all these different sites with different prices, and ADJUST ITS OWN PRICE accordingly, so you will buy from them.
    Is your mind blown? Mine was.

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