April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Husband, Kids, Friends & Neighbors

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I’ve had a few friends who have asked me the past few years what I ended up doing for April Fool’s Day. They end up shocked when I say “nothing.” It is just out of character for me to NOT participate in April Fool’s Day festivities, but the last couple of years it just kind of snuck up on me, and well…I forgot to plan, dang it!

So…in an effort to help you have a plan this year, here are some great ideas for pranking your loved ones!

*I started this post for April Fools Pranks early this year in hopes that you all will inspire me with some great ideas that I can add to my list. This year is going to be EPIC.

*Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for failed relationships or belongings due to the trial of any of the pranks listed below :)

Fun April Fool’s Pranks for Husbands and Friends:

All the April Fool's Prank Ideas you ever need

 For SALE. I did this one in college and it was a riot. I went out into the parking lot and using window chalk, put many of my friend and roommate’s cars up for sale. And for ridiculous prices. Prices that would leave people calling them ALL. Day. Long. And most of my friends always left in a hurry for work (or class), and consequently had no time for washing off the advertisement. Success!

 Just Married. Another one that is fun is to use that same window marker and decorate your spouse’s car with “JUST MARRIED.” Better yet, add something like, “Honk to wish your congratulations!”

Chocolate-Covered Cotton Balls. I know there are a lot of fun food-related April Fool’s jokes out there (toothpaste filled oreos anyone?), but this one just happens to be my favorite. There’s just something belly-achin’ funny about watching someone bite into what they think is the most delectable chocolate, only to have cotton stringing from their teeth. Can you tell I had fun with this one in college as well )? I have still yet to try caramel-covered onions..

 Fake Parking tickets. Need I say more? I could easily make use of these year-round.

April Fool's ideas

Fender-Bender: Leave a note on your husband’s car saying “I’m So so sorry for hitting your car” along with a random name and number. Watch him spend FOREVER trying to find the dings.

For single friends. One year I handed out flyers at BYU with my roommate’s face and the caption “Seeking Marriage Partner” along with a list of very silly qualifications. We still laugh about this!

Plastic Wrap EVERYTHING. Unscrew the lids to the shampoo, soap, ketchup bottles, etc. and apply a little plastic wrap.

Disguised Toothbrush. Do this one only if they will forgive you: Use a couple drops of food coloring and drip it into their toothbrush the night before (it’s best if it’s the same color as the toothbrush bristles).

Flour, Flour and more flour. My roommates did this one to me right before one of my FINALS: pour flour over the top of the shower curtain while they are showering and then RUN. It will take forever to get the flour out. You can also put flour in the blow dryer.

BEEF! If you have a shower head that can be unscrewed, place a beef bullion cube inside (Sadly, this on happened to me as well).

 Paper Towel Dispenser Stickers. This one would be HILARIOUS if it can be secretly video-recorded. And if you do this, PLEASE send me the video! Put this sticker on the hand dryers at work:

Ideas for April Fool's Jokes

iPhone Madness. Go into iPhone settings and create replacements (“shortcuts”) for a lot of really common words. See how long it takes them to figure out what’s wrong with their texting capabilities.

Wake Up! Hide an alarm and set it for 3 a.m. (Too bad I sleep with my husband I or might consider it).

Cell Phones. Set alarms, alerts and reminders for phony events all day.

Cream Cheese Deodorant. Take out the deodorant stick and replace with cream cheese. Carefully mold the top to be firm and compact.

Mix-up. For work, Take a bowl of candy for co-workers: equal parts m&ms and Skittles (this drives me batty to have to pick out the Skittles).

Fake bugs and spiders. This one is just gross (Husband, if you are reading: don’t. even. think. about it.) Fake Cockroaches

ideas for April Fool's pranks


Announce it! Replace the air freshener in the bathroom with an air horn (This one would be so funny in a work environment)!

Where’s the suds? Cover the soap bar with clear nail polish.

Blonde-Moment. Text several of your friends with the text, “Hey, I lost my phone…will you call it for me?” And see which ones fall for it.


Fun & Harmless April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Kids:

Change the color of the milk

put crafty Googley eyes on everything in the fridge (and everywhere else)!

Salty cookies (involve your kids in making these for their friends)

Frosting in their toothpaste

Clear Kool-aid in a water pitcher

If your kids are heavy sleepers, sneak into their room at night and paint toenails, draw mustaches, etc.



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  1. says

    My husband (the boss) plastic wrapped his employees desks one year. Loved all your ideas and will use some during April Fools Day. Great list!

  2. Alyse says

    Our neighbors once made a beautiful looking cream pie for us with yummy whipped cream on top……but insead of a cream filling, it was mashed potatoes….someday im doing that to someone else!!!

  3. Monica says

    I’m crying from laughing. I just did the “blonde moment” where I sent a group text to girlfriends saying I’d lost my phone and would someone call it? One called and another one texted saying “I think you are good”.

  4. s berry says

    One year I got tired of my husband and boys always salting everything without tasting it first, so my daughter and I filled the salt shakers with sugar and then decided to fill the pepper ones with celery salt (so that the pepper wouldn’t feel left out). They kept piling on the “salt” and couldn’t tell the difference! Ha!

  5. Pam says

    one of the best ones done to me was a stand up bag that was supposed to have wrapped candy bars in it, had them removed and was sat just out of reach, filled with water! Imagine the surprise to reach into a bag filled with cold water expecting a candy bar…. ick

  6. Amber F says

    For someone who drinks dark drinks like coke or dr pepper buy a 7up or sprite & pour the dark drink out fill the old bottle with 7 up and enough soy sauce to make it the same color as the would be dark drink.

  7. courtney says

    I out vaseline on everything my father touches to get ready for work one year funniest thing ever until he punched himself in the face trying to open his truck door I put vaseline under the handle hehehehehehee

  8. says

    My brother and I use to put a fake fishing worm in my dad’s toothpaste. ..coffee grinds in the shower head…Kool aid or jello in the auto coffee pot and cute girly puffy stickers all over the dash of the car. That works even better if your husband is military because the gate guards get a kick out of it when he goes on post.

  9. says

    Love these ideas!!! last year I text my husband a pic of a positive pregnancy test and told him we were about to have another. He called me and I was fake crying as our son was only 4 months old and he about fainted. After that my sister did the same thing to her husband. It was Hillarious!!!

  10. Sharon says

    My son pulled the best prank on me a few years ago. This is a good one for teachers. He left a quiz on the corner of his bed (knowing I would see it). His teacher wrote my son’s name “was caught cheating. He will receive a 0.”

  11. DB says

    I have a friend who this happened to: She was going out of town, asked a friend to house sit for a few days. The house sitting friend went through the cupboard and carefully removed the labels from the canned food and mixed them up and carefully taped them back on. My friend kept opening a veggie and kept being shocked by what was inside the can. She even went to the store, very upset, and complained to the manager about the can’s and labels being mixed up. The store manager asked her, “Could anyone in your home be doing this as a prank to you?” And then it hit her! Great prank!

  12. Chris says

    One year, though I think it was for Valentine’s Day, a co-worker and I sent a heart-shaped, decorated sponge cake to a male coworker, from an anonymous lady. It was actually a pillow sponge that I had cut into the shape of a heart, frosted and decorated with Happy Valentine’s Day. After taking it to his work area and leaving for all to share, he called laughing while saying “It’s a sponge…” One of the other fellas had grabbed a plastic knife and was just sawing away, trying to cut it. Hilarious!

  13. Nancy says

    A teacher told her students she made brownies for them, she then handed them each a cut out brown E! Of course later in the day to make up for the prank she had real brownies for them.

  14. Lisa says

    My friend went out after dark on March 31 and switched the front porch decor of all our houses…so we woke up to find someone else’s wreath or chairs or flower pots!

  15. Emily Dixon says

    We carmex’d the toilet seat in the bathroom. Our roommate didn’t notice until she stood up. he he

  16. Emily says

    I have memories of some of these pranks all too well! I really want to try the “voice activated” one tomorrow! Great ideas!

  17. says

    maybe being up in the night with a newborn has its perks–when i get to read an awesome list like this…now to decide what to do before camm wakes up…

  18. Amber says

    Here’s all the pranks I’ve pulled today (so far): painted hand/toe nails red, blue food coloring on the toothbrush, made a fake turd out of a wet torn up toilet paper roll, sewed the legs of his uniform closed, soaked his cigs in vinegar, put Vaseline under the door handle, taped the door way so he couldn’t leave, left a note on his motorcycle that someone hit it + fake name and number and….. Listed a Chewbacca Roar Contest on Craig’s List with his phone number!! ‘Winner gets $100, leave voicemail and contact info’! Haha

    When he gets home from work: pop rocks under the toilet seat, koolaid in the shower head, air horn behind the door!

  19. says

    These are hysterical! Wish I had seen it yesterday. I played one on my boss that was pretty funny and kept going today even. While he was at lunch, I printed out a bunch of small pictures of my face and replaced all the faces in his office with mine. Group photos? All me. Little koosh ball guy someone gave him? Now koosh ball Jenny. Personalized bobble head another co-worker once gave him? Uh, yeah, bobble head Jenny. It was so much fun. After I left yesterday, he relocated them all around my desk. I kept finding them in odd places all day! Lots of fun!

    Also, for the kids we went to grandma and grandpa’s house. They each drew funny pictures of them with crazy hairdos and whatnot. Then we taped up little clues all around their yard that took them on a little scavenger hunt with the final clue leading them to the pictures. Then we rang the doorbell and ran. We parked at the vacant house across the street and watched them search. The kids thought it was absolutely hilarious to watch them going from clue to clue. Good times.

  20. Amanda says

    One year my brother and I pranked my mom. We #1 Stretched clear plastic wrap under the toilet seat over the toilet bowl #2 Put toothpaste under the door handle #3 Taped the trigger to the kitchen sink sprayer down and made sure it faced straight out so when the faucet was turned on, the sprayer automatically sprayed. It went all down the front of her.

  21. Lauren says

    Pranks I’ve pulled or had pulled in the past (we did baby powder in the blow dryer and on a room fan…what a mess…no harm to anything). Salt in the bottom of the coffee pot at a church retreat…not wise…people need their coffee in the morning. Tape the button down on an old-fashioned phone or office phone (if they still exist). The person answers the phone and it continues to ring…absolutely hilarious. I helped a friend cook up a fun prank. I put a Playgirl bunny on a piece of paper and wrote a letter to her husband telling him someone had submitted his photo and he’d been chosen to be on a calendar. A photographer would be contacting him to set up a photo shoot. The letter was from a woman who had his wife’s first name and an annagram of her last name. The photographer’s name was my own with my name spelled backwards for a last name. I went to the local P.O. and got the letter hand-stamp/cancelled. (I said in the letter that it was from the local office which was totally ridiculous in a town of less than 10,000). He believed the letter and was horrified…kept promising his wife that no one had a picture of his naked self. When I called to make the appointment for the photo shoot, it was hilarious. Saying “April Fool’s” was one of the best moments I’ve ever had with a friend. Love all your ideas…especially the horn replacing the air freshener. Thanks for this wonderful post…found it late but it’s still funny as all get out!

  22. Leda says

    One year I was working at a camp and we got a brownie from the cafeteria and smooshed it up to look like poop. there was a “log” in the toilet water, a partial one on the toilet seat and some smeared on the handle. We added some toilet paper to add to the authentic effect. When the person assigned to clean the bathrooms went to do their job, they came running out of the bathroom and said we needed to come see this huge mess someone left. One of the guys went in there and took a little piece off the toilet seat (it had been thoroughly cleaned prior to the joke set up!!!) and ate it right then and there!! The person that was not in on the joke was SO grossed out!! It was absolutely HILARIOUS!!

  23. Kiley says

    I married into a family of pranksters! Last night my husband got me so good! We were going grocery shopping and as I was opening the car door, I pulled back screaming. My husband put a teaspoon of p-nut butter into the handle of the car door….It was so yucky. But I did not expect it after we cleaned the p-nut butter up, it was quite funny!

      • Yvette says

        I AM going to put the note on his car that is FUNNY. i saran wrapped the soap in the shower and put tin foil over the shampoo to saftey seal it so nothing would come out. Last year I put salt on his tooth brush and it pissed him off so I was afraid to piss him off :(. US WIFES ARE real JOKERS BUT, IT IS SOO MUCH FUN ISN’T IT??????

  24. Debbie Keds says

    April Fools is coming again soon. Last year, I hid a red sock in my roommate Cindy’s whites. Tehehehe. She had a nice shade of pink. Luckily, Cindy was able to repair the damage. For “revenge,” Cindy poured glitter in the A/c vents of my Mustang GT. Glitter still blows out occasionally! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  25. says

    My dads office played the for sale joke you mentioned on him one year. Except they also added on the sign to only call between midnight and 3 am. So not only was he getting a bunch of random call about buying his car but he was getting them in the middle of the night.

  26. Brooklyn Lobell says

    I am pregnant and due April 15. This is our fist baby and I want to freak him out and think I’m in labor for April fools. Still thinking of ways I’m going to do it!

    • says

      Hahaha! Get your pants wet, put some water all over the kitchen floor and scream “ahh! My water just broke” scream and be in agonizing pain the whole way to the hospital, and then when you get there, say “April fools! Let’s go get ice cream” :)

  27. Jen says

    Tina, I think we must be long lost bosom buddies. I LOVE April Fools Day! One year I bought fake winning lottery tickets for my kids. So funny yet so sad at the same time. The same year I put small rubber rats in their smoothies. They didn’t see the rats until they were nearly done drinking it. They were so grossed out! I have also strategically placed a rubber lizard on the inside of the toilet bowl. They didn’t see it until they stood up to flush. That’s when the scream happened! (I’m laughing at the memory). One time we had an exchange student staying with us on April Fools Day. I served my family candy peas and carrots with dinner. My kids figured it out pretty quickly but our exchange student was so confused as to why the vegetables were so hard and her fork couldn’t catch them. I have also placed a small drop of food coloring in the bottom of cups, then when the milk or water is poured, the drink turns colors. Changing the clock times is always fun. You would think my kids would label me as meanest mom in the world after all this, but they actually LOVE the holiday too and look forward to what mom will do…

  28. adreon says

    Love these ideas! You can do this anywhere but make sure its a friend that will forgive you. It’s also nasty. In high school my friend and I pulled out a kotex pad and colored parts of it red. We scrubbed hand sanitizer on it to make it look more realistic. Then we stuck it to another friends bottom. Luckily she thought it was funny and forgave us.

  29. Sasha says

    Hi! I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget a few of these pranks:)
    1. rubber banding/taping the button down on the spray faucet in the sink! (My mom still doesn’t think it was funny)
    2. take a piece of card board and cute a quarter sized hole in the middle, write “Expert Mode” above the hole and slide under a toilet seat!
    3. put vanilla pudding in a mayo bottle and eat it in public
    4. tape the bottom of the faucet so that when someone turns on the water it sprays them:)

  30. Stephanie says

    I just put plastic wrap on my husbands shampoo and body wash…and I put tape across the door opening so he will walk right into it when he comes in from work tonight! Mwhahahahahahha (:

  31. Eliza says

    I am reading this post waiting for my family to get home today; My husband is in IT Management and so my prank needed to be techy! So I put all his desktop icons into a folder and clicked off the garbage can icon to clear his desktop screen, then i got a picture of a BSOD (blue screen of death) which means his very expensive pc is dead in the water i got this picture off the internet and made it his backround, last i made the taskbar hide.

    • Old Programmer says

      If your husband actually does IT, as opposed to purely management, these will last a total of two minutes. For techies they are as old as an Intel 8088.

  32. Ordinary Human Being says

    I am thankful to God that we will never meet. At least one of us would not survive the encounter.

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