How to Make a Onesie Dress

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My friend Andrea recently showed me how  to make a onesie dress and they are surprisingly very simple and easy to make.  Just so you are aware, I never attempt sewing projects because my sewing skills are seriously…lacking.  I took a sewing class in junior high (I think we made a pillow case) and that was about it.  So if you are a beginning sewer, you should be able to handle this one.  Once you have learned how to make a onesie dress, hopefully you will have the confidence to try some other fun projects!  If you are a seasoned sewer, please don’t judge this tutorial.  I like to take shortcuts and just get the job done :)

how to make a onesie dress

How to Make A Onesie Dress Tutorial:

After you have picked out your material, you’ll want to cut your main piece out.  I basically cut it 3 times the width of my onesie, and then decided from there what I wanted the length to be (length for your onesie dress will vary depending on personal preference and age of baby).  You will then want turn the fabric inside-out and sew a seam to make it into a tube.

how to make a onesie dress


After that you will want to make a hem where the bottom of the onesie dress will be.  You will then create a gathered waist.  This is easier than it sounds.  Make your stitch length longer on your machine (I changed mine from 2.5 to 4.5).  Make sure you have a long tail of thread when you start your stitch, and DON’T back-stitch!  When you have made a stitch along the entire top, leave a long tail of thread (and again, don’t back-stitch).  You will then pull on the thread until it gathers to match the circumference of the width on your onesie

how to make a onesie dress


You will then  make a mark on the onesie where you want the skirt to go (I skipped this step, but would have saved time if I didn’t), then sew your “skirt” onto your onesie.  Some people choose to cut the end of their onesie completely off (if the onesie is too small), but I like to keep it as a onesie underneath.  I forgot to take a picture of this last step, but here is one from Erin @ Sutton Grace Blog:

how to make a onesie dressVisit her blog if my instructions seem confusing (don’t worry, I’m not offended)!  She also had the great idea to use elastic thread on hers, which I did not even know existed.

Here is the dress my friend made (my inspiration for this project):

onesie dress tutorial


And here is mine:

onesie dress tutorial


The flowers aren’t glued onto the headband yet, so they looked a little crooked, and I plan on getting a wider ribbon for the waist, but for my first sewing project in a long time I’m pretty proud of it!

Here are some that Erin made:

how to make a onesie dress


There you have it!  Now you know how to make a onesie dress!

What other projects do you like to create for your little girls?  I need some ideas now that I’m going to have two of them running around!

Here are some video tutorials on how to make the fabric flower that I added to the dress and headband:



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    This is adorable and what a clever idea! I also love the ribbon and am excited that you put a tutorial in there. I have seen the flower necklaces and would love to make myself one as well.

    I made a dress in junior high and once I made a shirt for a boyfriend who ripped it playing football the very first day he wore it, lol! I recently made curtains for my sunroom. All of these efforts were done with the help of my friends (or a teacher as in the case of school). Sewing is not my “thing” though I’d really love to be good at it. My friend has mad sewing skilz, lol!

    Thanks so much for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday!”

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    This is so cute and easy! I wish I would have saved some onesies now! Thanks for sharing this on Domestic Superhero’s link party this week!

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