How to Make Barefoot Sandals for Babies

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It was confirmed in my second ultrasound that we really are having another GIRL! Although I was certain I was having a boy, we are very excited for Kinley to have a little sister and now I am feeling motivated to make them a bunch of matching girly stuff. My neighbor inspired me to make these barefoot sandals the other day (also called footless sandals), when I saw how easy it was to make them! My first pair probably took me 15 minutes to make, but that was because I was learning to make the flowers at the same time. If you already have the flowers made, you could make these in a couple of minutes! I was surprised to see these all over Etsy for anywhere from $8-25 especially considering how easy they are to make. So here we go…

How to make barefoot sandals for your little girls with elastic:

how to make barefoot sandals

Using Elastic to Make Simple Barefoot Sandals for Baby


Things you need:

  • flowers, jewels, or whatever you are wanting to decorate them with
  • Hot glue or needle and thread
  • Elastic

It’s best if you have your baby’s foot available to measure the elastic around, but if she is not born yet (or you are doing them for a gift) you can try measuring around a crib shoe (and make it tight around), or look for some measurements online.

I used hot glue to put mine together, but if you are doing these for a very active toddler and you know she will be pulling on them constantly, needle and thread might work better. So far mine have held up fine.

You will basically be making a figure 8, and gluing/sewing two spots together–that’s it!

Measure your first loop around baby’s foot and sew or hot glue where the elastic crosses (where my thumb is).

how to make barefoot sandals

You’ll then want to finish the figure 8 with one more stitch/dab of glue. If you are smart (unlike myself) you could glue your flower over the area where you glue the elastic ends together, rather than leaving it showing. It’s not noticeable when she wears them, but still…..smarter to just cover the glued end.

how to make barefoot sandals

Then Glue your flower on and you are done!

how to make barefoot sandals

how to make barefoot sandals

Now you have no excuse to pay for these suckers now that you know how to make barefoot sandals for less than a buck! If you already have experience making flowers and bows, yours will be much cuter than mine as I am just a beginner :) For my next pair of barefoot sandals, I will probably attach velcro on the sandal and the flowers, so that I only have to make a few elastic sandals that are interchangeable with flowers according to what my baby is wearing that day.

*Update. I did this and it worked. I purchased some velcro dots/circles and used them to make interchangeable headbands and barefoot sandals. If you stick with generic white elastic, you can pretty much switch out any color of flowers that you want.

barefoot sandals for babies

These are SO easy. You can buy these shabby flowers for 50 cents or less, and all you do is glue the flower to the elastic!

If you have not made fabric flowers before, see the end of this post for a video on how to make a bunch of various kinds for your barefoot sandals. If you don’t want to make any, you can buy some adorable shabby flowers (like the ones pictured above) for 50 cents or less.

Where to buy elastic:

I’ve had a hard time finding elastic in colors other than generic white or black, so I asked my friend who owns an Etsy shop for little girl bows/headbands and she recommended Fleurist Supply. They have elastic by the yard (you don’t need more than that to make a pair of barefoot sandals) and they have them in every color!

While I had my hot glue gun out, I decided to add some bling to these flip-flops as well. I bought them at a yard sale because again, I was sure I was having a boy next. Since I’m not, they needed a little “girl flare” to them :)
flip flop bling

How to Make T-shirt barefoot sandals

Also…I came across these very cute barefoot sandals at the Creative Muster and they are made out of a T-shirt! If you are willing to spend just a little bit more time (not much), these could potentially cost you nothing to make and they are very cute! Visit her blog for the full tutorial. If you learn better through video, I have also included a video tutorial for making T-shirt flowers.

how to make barefoot sandals

Making barefoot Sandals with a T-Shirt is Very Easy!

how to make barefoot sandals

Video Tutorials

Here are some different flowers you can make:


For those of you with girls, what have been your favorite things to make for them?

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  1. L says

    Simply marvelous!! Thank you for being so crafty and willing to share!! We live on a farm and i am looking for ways she can still look girly while covered in whatever she will find!! So excited to get this underway.

  2. Ashley says

    I was wondering if there were any “standard” measurements according to a babies/child’s age that would help me make these and begin offering them to my customers through my online store.

    • says

      Ashley, I’ve noticed that measurement advice tends to be different on various sites. I usually just go off of shoe size and then make them slighty tight around the shoe, but if you are going to sell these, you might just want to experiment until you get the perfect sizing. And I’d love to know what measurements you come up with! Sorry I wasn’t more helpful..

  3. Rachel says

    Was looking for sizing guide and came across your post. (I already make/sell these) just wondering why you wouldn’t hide the glued together elastic under the flower :)

  4. Angie says

    K so I made the elastic sandals for Haidyn, I did the velcro idea so that I could switch up the flower. Anyhow, the velcro made it kind of rough and itchy…I just notice the tops of her feet are always red after she wears them. Did I do something wrong? or is there a solution to that?
    ps I got tons of compliments on them at a wedding. The photographer was going nuts with!

    • says

      Isn’t the velcro on the outside part? I’m wondering how it’s making her foot itchy…the velcro shouldn’t be touching her foot. The velcro I used was just a small circle on the outside part where the flower goes. Does that make sense?

    • Kristin says

      You can try gluing a 1 inch flet circle and cut it to the size you need for on back side of where the Velcro is.. Hope this helps

  5. mrsmcginnis says

    Oh I’m so glad I FINALLY found a tutorial for these! I’ve been looking all over pintrest!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  6. Becky says

    I recently started making these but I’m having trouble with sizing. My baby is 5 months so I did them at 9″. I tried them on my niece who is 10 months an they were a little snug so I would have to do hers at 11″. My question is after my baby has them on for awhile she has marks on her feet when I take them off. They aren’t tight where they are cutting off circulation or bother her. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to why this may be. I also am making a pair for a friend who’s daughter is two. Is there an easy way to get standard measurements for different sizes. I’ve tried looking everywhere but to no avail. Everything I see is only for baby feet and those measurements even seem small like it would be too tight. I know that elastic stretches but idk. Thanks for the help

  7. says

    This is so cute I pinned it to my Pinterest board. How did you get the pin it button in your post. Every time I searc for this I only get the hover button.

  8. Alisa says

    These are adorable, I have a 17month old who doesn’t sit so I’m wondering if these could be made hard soled? I’m wondering if maybe they could be sewn into a flip flop bottom?

  9. Vonda says

    I was looking for the tutorial on the barefoot t-shirt sandals, I went to the blog creative muster but she doesn’t have that tutorial can you tell me where I can find the video?
    Thanks very much,

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