Make Your Husband Laugh While He’s at Work

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I read something on the news the other day that said the world as a whole is getting more pessimistic. While I understand that there are crazy things going on in the world, I can’t help but wonder if social media has a part to play in it all. We are constantly bombarded with the headlines all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram–you name it. So rather than share something sad on your news feed or via email, share more positive, uplifting and funny stuff!

Why not start with your husband? I’m a firm believer in making humor a part of marriage. Some work days are more exciting than others, and some are just plain hard. But some of these fun ideas are sure to flip his day around and get him chuckling while at work!

These are fabulous. Keep humor in your marriage!

Monk-e-maker. This is by far my all-time favorite. So hilarious every time. Sometimes I even make one while we are sitting on the same couch and I act like I’m hard at work on something. Then I press play and watch him react. Priceless. You can change the voices, the outfits, and insert the text for whatever you want it to say. Click on the picture to see the most recent one I made for my husband (We like Nacho Libre at our house, or at least my husband does).



Add Googly Eyes to his lunch. This won’t get him busting up like the Monk-e-Maker, but I know for my husband it would at least bring a smile.

Change his ring tone to something super weird, funny or random (depending on his personality) and call him while he is at work.

Dentastix Smile Maker. If Monk-e-Maker ever gets old (yeah right), then here’s another good one (click to see the one I made):


Set up Notifications. Set some awesome notifications to pop up or alert him on his phone. Only you know what will get him laughing, but the options are endless for this one. Does he have favorite movie quotes? Set them to go off at random times throughout the day. Do you have inside jokes just between the two of you? Remind him.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What types of things do you do to keep humor in your marriage (and relationships)?

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  1. says

    Hi Kristina! What a fun post. We all need reminders on keeping life fun! And happy marriages always include fun. Love your outlook on life and marriage. Hugs, Catherine (latest follower of your blogging adventures!) :)

  2. says

    My husband loves this song by Family Force 5 called “Cray Button” and it’s an official rule in our house that whenever one of us says “Watch me hit the Cray Button” the other one has to dance spastically. It’s funny every time to us!

  3. says

    You are BRILLIANT! This is awesome. I’m totally going to do the reminder on his phone thing.

    I also mess with him by moving his car. Sometimes I will just park it in the same parking spot but move the car so it’s facing the other way.

    I also love to send him puppy pictures because we’re involved in a rescue. But every once in a while I will send him an email with something about how it’s a cute puppy and then it will be this picture of this super ugly guy that I found on line.

    It makes me laugh every time. These are great ideas. It sounds like your marriage is a lot like mine…fun!

  4. Stevie says

    You know those stickers that are clear and say “S” or “XL” that are stuck on new clothes. We pull them off and put them in odd places. It is NEVER mentioned so you never know when you will get one…somewhere. I have stuck those scratchy little things in the front of his underwear only to find it on my tooth brush handle the next day!!! The game ends when the sticky doesn’t stick any more.
    I have put his 2nd grade class picture in his lunch bag. I have (rarely) packed his lunch but first taken a bite out of his sandwich or cookie. My dad did this to me in elementary school and I still think it is funny. I text him a funny picture of me and the dogs napping and give it a title like “this is why you go to work every day” or a picture of some yummy dessert that I made him for dinner….it always brings him home!

  5. Angela says

    We do this funny thing with toys leftover from the kids. For some reason we have a plastic shark and you just never know where the shark is going to show up. Last time he surprised me it was under my pillow at bedtime. We also have a stuffed goat and he goes all over the house. I put him in the empty birdcage last time and he put him all nicely wrapped up on the couch staring at me when I walked into the room LOL. I think the funniest thing he’s ever done to me is after one of the kids birthday parties he was lying exhausted on the couch and I tied a floating balloon to his toe and told him to never take it off. When we went to bed a little later I came in and got into bed after he was already under the covers and I kept hearing this funny noise. I finally said “what is that noise” and he stuck his toe out of the covers and up popped the balloon. I almost peed myself I laughed so hard.

  6. Heather says

    We play a game called-SHMILY. It stands for See How Much I Love You! You write SHMILY on anything and hide it for him to find. I have been known to sharpie it on the bottom of his socks. Or I unrolled the toilet paper and wrote it on one and rolled it back up. I always pack his lunches. I thought I would be cleaver and put it in his sandwich so when he opened it to put the mustard on it, he would find my note. Needless to say–he was in a hurry at lunch time, no time for mustard, and ate half the note before he realized something wasn’t right!!

  7. happymamatales says

    What a fun perspective Tina! I often think of ways to make my hubby laugh while he’s home, but sometimes I forget that it’s important to make him laugh while he’s at work! Great motivation!

  8. says

    Haha! I love these ideas. This might be TMI but I will occasionally send hint hint messages. I guess he had to disconnect his iMessage from his computer b/c one time one of my “hint hint” messages came up on his computer while he was giving a presentation & his screen was projected up in front of a bunch of people. #awkward

    haha but besides that tip, I sometimes send edited pics of the kids or let them send him video messages. also, unrelated, i read your bio at the end of your post and i have 2 girls 17 months apart! matching! :)

  9. Jyl says

    Found this on Pinterest – what great ideas! I forget sometimes to keep up my end of the fun in our relationship (I have a couple of chronic illnesses and tend to sleep a lot) but this reminder should help me get back on track. Love it!!!

  10. Shari Hartless says

    Our whole marriage is base on Living, Loving, and Laughing!!!

    Come on I married a man whose last name is Hartless.


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