Non-Game Baby Shower Ideas

Today I threw a baby shower for a really good friend. Her one request for the shower was that we not play any silly games. No candy bar diapers, no measuring her belly, and definitely no stealing clothespins every time someone says the word “baby.”

And you know what? We all had a really good time. I think I’ve been converted to the no-game baby shower.

Below you will find some ideas if you too are wanting to throw a non-game baby shower, but first…here are a few pictures from today (You can’t tell, but the blue bucket has mustache-shaped suckers and random blue and green candies):

"Little Man" baby shower theme. We all wore mustaches :)


We went with a “Little Man” theme for the shower and had everyone grab a mustache on their way in.

non-game baby shower ideas


For food, we kept things simple and did sweet and savory crepes (fruit for the sweet, eggs and ham for the savory). So yummy.

"Little Man" baby shower


All of us sportin’ the ‘staches

"Little Man" themed baby shower

What a good little sport!

"Little Man" onesie banner


This onesie banner was so fun to make (printable at the end of the post)!

Non-Game Baby Shower Ideas

no-game baby shower ideas

Baby Wishes and Predictions

As people arrived, we had them dish up some food and fill out a baby wishes & Predictions card:

baby predictions printable

Advice/well wishes on diapers. We also had everyone write advice and well wishes on diapers so that she can be encouraged during the first few weeks.

baby shower ideas that don't involve cheesy games


After writing on the diapers, we each got to share either the best advice we ever received, or the worst. After these two activities we did the opening of presents. Here are some other ideas that we didn’t have time for:

Birthday Prize. Whoever has a birthday closest to baby’s due date wins a prize

Book signing. I’ve heard of some baby shower ideas where everyone brings their favorite children’s book as part of their gift and writes a message on the inside cover. Or, you could just pass around a sheet and have everyone list their favorite book so that the mom-to-be has something to reference when buying books.

Diaper Raffle. Invite guests to bring a package of diapers for the diaper raffle. Have a fun prize for the winner.

Baby Birthing. I have never done this one, but I’ve heard it’s really fun. Freeze little plastic babies in ice cubes and have everyone write on their cup a prediction of when the baby will “arrive”…meaning the ice has melted. Whoever is closest to the actual time wins a prize.

Onesie Station. Have everyone make applique onesies for the mom-to-be. If she is have a girl, you could also do hair bows, headbands or flower clips.

The present timer.  You set a timer (for 3 or 4 minutes or so) and the mom starts to open gifts.  The person’s gift she is opening when the timer goes off is the winner of the prize. This is a nice way to enjoy the time and keep guests interested if the mom-to-be has a lot of gifts to open!

Technically this is a game, but I’ve also heard of doing BINGO for present opening, with common baby shower gifts as the spots on the BINGO card. This would be another fun way to pass by the time as presents are being opened.


For the onesie banner and “Keep Calm and Grab a Stache” printables, click below:

Little Man Baby Shower Printables


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  1. Angela says

    I recently played a variation of the bingo idea mentioned above, but we filled in our cards with names of the gift givers instead of the gifts. As a mom of many who has had seven showers, the book shower and freezer meals shower were the best.

  2. KaRynn says

    I had small blocks made for my shower.. I painted them all a few different colors.. And then everyone got to decorate a block for “babys first toy” using colored sharpies.. They turned out so cute! Just got to put a final coating on them :)

  3. Barb says

    Showers are meant to shower the Mom, not spend the afternoon playing games. Showers need to be toned down. A little something to munch on before Mom gets there open the gifts enjoy some coffee/tea/punch & wait to hear when then baby arrives, less truly is more.

  4. Thora says

    I did the bingo game with my son and daughter in-law’s baby shower. I bought nice items from TJ Max/Marshalls and laid them out on a table unwrapped so guests could quickly pick the gift that suited them. I placed numbers on the Bingo sheet, and printed a sheet of colored dots with 1-40 (estimated number of guests) then as gifts were brought in, each one had a numbered dot added to the card or gift. As the gifts and cards were opened, that number was then called out. My son and his wife both opened gifts at the same time, showing each alternately, which really sped up the time it would take to open 40 + gifts. We also gave time for any guests to share a memory of my son when he was young, they also were invited to pick a gift.

  5. says

    I am a fan of a couple of activities, but not the goofy games. But the thing I hate the most, and I refuse to do at the showers I host, is sit around watching the guest of honor open presents. It is boring for me as a guest, and when I was the guest of honor I felt embarrassed to sit there basically comparing one gift against the next in front of the whole room.

    For the showers in our group we have gone to having people bring the gifts unwrapped and we display them on a table for all to see (like the old fashioned Sip N See’s). At one event that was very large, we asked guests to email a photo of the present; we put the photos in small frames on a table. This was easy for the guests – they could ship right to the brides home, and easy for the bride as she didn’t have to haul everything home. Everyone love it!

  6. Amanda beadle says

    Do you have a word document for the wishes and predictions? It is so cute! I would love to use it for my sister in laws safari baby shower!

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