Products to Have on Hand When Traveling With Kids

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Exciting News! I’m presenting at IKEA on Saturday for their once a year Bring Your Own Friend Day! Be sure and register so that you can get free breakfast, coupons, and other fun stuff! This is one day that you will want to be at IKEA! I will be presenting at 10:30 on Family Packing Tips.

Which brings me to my next piece of news: I’m really excited to announce that I am going to be doing a lot more posts about traveling with kids….everything from printables to fun ideas to fun products. Travel is a passion of mine, so it’s time blog about it more! I told my husband that if I ever had a lot of money I wouldn’t care about buying nice things, I would want to go on fun vacations! Haha, a girl can dream…

So, if you have any fun vacations planned this year you are IN LUCK!

This is a KEEPER. Some free ideas as well as some toy recommendations for keeping kids entertained while traveling We are going to Disneyland in May, so I am going to be posting a lot of fun stuff in preparation for our trip. I previously posted packing tips for traveling with kids as well as a fun printable travel scavenger hunt, and today I am going to feature some fun products for traveling with the kiddos.

Now remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on stuff for your kids. You can find a lot of fun stuff at the Dollar Store to go along with a couple of the items I am about to feature. I would recommend though that you buy things your kids have never seen before. Whatever your budget is, just make sure your items for entertainment (car OR plane) are new and exciting. You will be thanking yourself a million times over if you listen to me on this one! Traveling is the one time that I am going to advise you NOT to make do with what you have at home. 3 hours into your trip when your kids are bored and whining, you will curse yourself!

Also, make sure and visit all of my posts featuring free printables for kids. There are tons of fun ones that would work for travel!

Free Printable

Awesome Products for Traveling With Kids

Lauri Toys Peel and Stick By Number

Just read the reviews on this one. The words “entertain kids for hours” might have you convinced that this might be a wise purchase!

Fun Ideas for traveling with Kids



These are soo cute are there are a few different versions of them.

Fun Products for traveling with Kids

The Everything Kids Travel Book

I’ve actually purchased multiples of this book and given copies away to friends and family as they leave on vacation. If you don’t have a ton of time to put “travel kits” together, this book might just save you! Not as many ideas for toddlers, but if you have kids that are different ages, this book has SO MANY IDEAS! I plan on making copies of several of the pages so that we can use them over and over and over.

Keeping your sanity while traveling with kids

Kidoozie Cool Tools Activity Set

This one wouldn’t normally grab my attention for a travel toy. I was originally drawn to it for it’s high ratings, and became convinced when several reviews mentioned it being great for travel. This one might make it on our Disney trip!

Fun products for traveling with kids #travel #kids

Classic Doodler

Drawing without the mess. Enough said. If you are traveling in the dark, this one with a light looks really fun!

Fantastic Ideas for Traveling with Kids



My ABC Animal Train

I had to include this one because the company (Pockets of Learning) replaces any lost pieces for free. Now that’s my kind of toy! I will probably buy it for that reason alone. I hate spending money on a fun toy and then having the pieces go missing.

the company replaces lost pieces for free. LOVE!

Water Wow Coloring Books

Again, coloring without the mess. Total win.

Kid's Travel Ideas


National Geographic Kid’s Road Trip Atlas

I’m a sucker for National Geographic…

Traveling with Kids


Kid’s Take-along Shape Sorter Toy

Perfect for traveling with  baby or toddler

Fantastic Ideas for Traveling With Kids (and keeping them happy)


Lauri Toddler Tote

Just search the word “travel” in the reviews on this one and you have parents raving over this product.

Traveling with Kids & Keeping them entertained


What toys/activities have your kids enjoyed most in the car or  on a plane?

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    Tiny post it notes make great reward dollars. My kids earn one every 15 mins in the car if they do not ask how much longer? Or fight. If they break these rules they have to forfeit their post it. Which are usually stuck to their Windows. After they earn four, they cash them in for treasure box. Gum or dollar store goodie. Bonus for mom if you stock treasure box with goodies that keep them busy for longer than the 15 minutes. Don’t be surprised when they want to keep their post it’s instead of trading for a treat. Also pack a timer so they can have a visual on how much longer..

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