Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

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I did a previous post on stocking stuffers for the entire family, but I wanted a blog post just for stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers since this is my current stage of life.

I love all these cute ideas for stocking stuffers. Ideas for every member of the family, and things that will last and be enjoyed!

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I recommend starting NOW on your stocking stuffers so that your Christmas expenses are spread out over the next few months rather than all at once. Some of my favorite recommendations are below, but I advise also checking out Zulily for some fun stocking stuffers as well (See the deals here if you already have an account, or here if you don’t).


Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers:stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers

Wet Brush

(^^^the wet brush is AMAZING, please don’t pass this one up if you haven’t heard of it)

teether toys

baby books

Feeding utensils

Baby treats and snacks

stocking stuffers for baby's first christmas

Reusable Food Pouches

reusable food pouch

Muchkin Traveling Flash Cards for Baby

Sippy Cups

Fun Socks (My babies don’t wear shoes until they start standing, so fun socks are a must).  I really enjoy Mary Jane socks and sneaker socks on babies.

The Nosefrida.  Say goodbye to the nasty, germ-breeding aspirator!

Wubbanub.  Our daughter is getting one of these. It’s exhausting how many times I have to put her binkie back in her mouth and these have great ratings!

stocking stuffers for baby

If you wanted to add a few funny things to your babies stocking, these pacifiers are pretty unique:

funny binkie

funny binkieMy favorite is the “mustachifier


Stocking Stuffers for toddlers:

First….FINGER PUPPETS!  I have bought both kinds on Amazon because they are so ridiculously cheap and so fun!

finger puppets

finger puppetsKid’s Camera

soft books

Hape Toys (Be careful, they have so many fun wooden toys to choose from)!

stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers

Art Supplies: markers, sidewalk chalk, playdough (in the shape of a candycane), etc

Bath time water Flutes

stocking stuffer

 Bathtime Crayon

Do A Dot Markers (You can find free printables online to use with these)

On-the-Go Water Wow Kits

stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Hot Wheels Cars


Splashimals (Currently my toddler’s favorite bath toy.  They float as well as stick to the walls of the tub & tile)

Hair Accessories

Potty watch

stocking stuffer ideas

Mini Books that will fit in the diaper bag (and stocking, of course)

Silly putty, Slinkys or yo-yos (although a yo-yo might be too advanced for a toddler)

Create a Road tape

create a road tape

Stick On Earrings!  Who remembers these?  I’m totally getting them for my very “girly” toddler.

Mini Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Fossil Kit

Flingshot flying animals.  You can buy an assortment for the whole family or buy them individually.

I was suprised how many infant/toddler shoes Amazon sells for $5 or less!  I HATE spending money on kids shoes because they lose them or don’t wear them very long!

I’m showing a pic of girl’s shoes because I have girls and I’m biased…but they have cute boy shoes too!

stocking stuffer

stocking stuffer

(They have both of these shoes in tons of colors for boy/girl)

stocking stuffers

Puppet Books 

Magnetic Paper Dolls

Lauri Toys

Food Face Plate

Okay, this may or may not fit in a stocking, and it does encourage playing with your food, but I thought it was adorable!  If you don’t want your toddler playing with their food, this might make a fun gift for a college student :)  there are multiple versions of it.

stocking stuffers for toddlers

Melissa and Doug Travel Games: Memory, Hangman and Bingo

Little Sticker Activity Books (Very cute for the $1-2 range)

Reusable Snack Bags

Check out my other post for some fun toy ideas for toddlers if you’re looking for something other than stocking stuffers.

What are you putting in your baby or toddler’s stocking this year?  

Be sure to read about some fun Christmas traditions to start with your family this year!

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    I think I love you. Stockings are MY thing, and this list is awesome and gave me some great new ideas. I also stash goodies for Christmas months in advance, and I LOVE Amazon. 😀

    • says

      Haha, thanks Christina! Your comment made my day! I really hope Amazon doesn’t catch on to how amazing the Prime shipping is for moms and make it expensive, because I really need them to continue making my life easier. Both my sister and I do the majority of our Christmas shopping online now…nothing beats avoiding the Christmas traffic and getting it all delivered to your porch in 2 days. HA! If you have other great ideas for stocking stuffers, I’d love to hear them!

  2. Krystal Rodriguez says

    Awesome list! Thanks for sharing! One thing I like to put in my little ones stocking are mini cartons of goldfish crackers, they are a staple in my house! You’d swear my car was a fish tank if you ever had to clean under the seats! My kids are super picky eaters, but I’ve never heard them turn down “fishies”.
    Also, for whatever reason my 4 year old just doesn’t like standard size Barbies, but she loves all miniature dolls, so I picked up some of those 4in Barbies you find at the check out isles (about $5)

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