Useful Amazon Filler Items for Moms

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This post might embarrass me in that it will slightly portray how often I shop on Amazon, but that’s okay…Amazon has saved my little tooshy so many times that it’s high time I confess my little  crush.

(If you aren’t a current Amazon Prime member, check out my post about why a prime membership rocks for moms and how to get if for free and/or share the benefits and costs with others.)

I am loving that so many more items are now available in a good price range, but now we have what we call “add-on” items, which means they ship with qualifying orders of $25 or more.

At first I would just search for items to fill in the gap, but then I realized I was buying things that were much cheaper somewhere else. Not cool.

So here’s my new shopping method: rather than trying to get my total as close to $25 as possible, I don’t mind anymore if I go over a few dollars because it’s more important to me that I’m buying something useful, and that I’m not getting ripped off. Amazon really does have a lot of unique and low-priced items, but sometimes you have to search.

I'm bookmarking this for the next time I need some Amazon filler ideas

Here are some of my favorite Amazon Fillers:

Roll-on Bottles for Essential Oils (or perfume).

I’m a Doterra girl all the way, so these are fantastic for putting oils in. These are perfect for rubbing on my neck when I have a headache, or for pin-pointing certain areas on my baby’s foot. I like to put Deep Blue, Peppermint, and OnGuard in separate rollers. These come in a variety of sizes too!

Awesome Amazon fillers for moms



Veggie Cutters.

These are so fun. And again, something unique that I wouldn’t know where to buy somewhere else. You don’t just have to use these for veggies either, I plan on using mine for some cute little fruit boquets (like a mini version of an edible boquet). These would also be fun for cutting fruit snacks/fruit leather with.

these veggie cutters would also be fun for making little edible fruit boquets or homemade fruit snacks


Brown Sugar Bear

This thing is genius! It keeps your brown sugar soft! No more sticking slices of bread in with the brown sugar (or was I the only one doing that)?

Amazon Filler Ideas: Brown Sugar Bear for keeping your brown sugar soft

Finger Puppets

These finger puppets are probably my favorite fillers by far. For only $2-3 they are a STEAL! I have probably purchased at least 10 of them because they work for so many things: busy bags, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, and even baby showers (goes cute with a fun book). They have the animals (pictured below) and also the cute little people finger puppets.

make a great filler on Amazon when you are trying to reach the free shipping threshold



Cheap Jewelry

There probably isn’t a huge selection in the $1-3 range, but I saw this owl necklace on accident once for somewhere around $1 and thought, “awe, what the heck!” Funny, I get compliments on it all the time! Gotta love little bargain moments like that! Just click on “customers who views this item also viewed..” to pull up more really cheap jewelry!

fun amazon filler items to help qualify for free shipping


If you have a baby in the house (or if you attend baby showers frequently), we found Amazon has a great price on these (and sadly we have had to use them as fillers multiple times). Where are all the binkies hiding?!!

amazon filler ideas for moms




Natural Toothpaste and Shampoo for my Kids.

The toothpaste and shampoo that I buy for my kids can’t be purchased at a regular store, so whenever I am under on shipping, I often add one of these on to my order.

Amazon filler ideas


Laser Finger Beams

Occasionally I throw these in my cart because they are so cheap and they are great for stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, adding to a birthday present, or entertaining kids when driving in the car at night. And they are only $2-3

cheap filler items for helping pass the free shipping threshold

Dover Activity Books.

If you are only $1 away from free shipping, these sticker books are fun add-ons.

amazon fillers for moms


Hair Accessories

Amazon Filler Ideas for moms

These aren’t in the $1-range, but they are priced better than anywhere I have seen and I love to add them in baby shower gifts! You can buy them in a bulk pack, or I have also found individual headbands and flower clips for cheap too!

Baby Shoes

Often you can find some really good deals on baby and toddler shoes on Amazon if you look around a little bit. I can almost always find a really cute pair for under $5, and so sometimes I will buy a pair for a future baby gift (see my post on time management to learn why it’s important to buy gifts ahead of time and have them wrapped and ready to gift)

amazon filler ideas

Some other Go-to items that I buy when I need a filler: laminating pouchesOXO soap-dispensing brushes,  a cute little book for the diaper bag, or a fun children’s book in general.

What are your Favorite Amazon Fillers?

Be sure to bookmark or pin this post as I will update it when I come across more useful filler ideas! And if you’re on the fence on whether or not an Amazon Prime account is worth it, try a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

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  1. Heidi says

    They did bump up the free shipping minimum to $35, but to get add-on items you only have to spend $25. So if you have $25 in your cart and you want free shipping you can just use some add-on items to make up the $10 difference.

  2. Kim says

    Great post. You will find all those “lost” soothers when you decide to try to take them all away from your baby. She will find them all for you, lol!

  3. says

    What a great post. When I read the title I thought “Forget filler items, get Amazon Prime.” But then I realize not everyone is an Amazon-aholic like myself. Have you signed up for Amazon smile? If not you should check it out, it is a great way to help your favorite charity just by buying stuff you already buy. Also, I had to laugh at the finger lights. I had to provide a prize for my son’s class Halloween party and I bought 48 finger lights for less than $10, and made a little printable that said “A bit of light for your Halloween night”. Why do kids love those things so much? Thanks for some cool ideas.

    • says

      Haha! You’re welcome. I actually do have Amazon Prime, but sometimes the cheaper items require at least a $25 purchase. I have never heard of Amazon smile! I will have to check it out, thanks!!! Ps that’s a genius idea for a Halloween party printable!

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