Velcro Blocks Busy Bag Idea

Today’s post is a fun one, and it was pretty simple and easy to make. Err. Let me clarify: It was simple and easy once I followed directions.  Believe it or not, there are a few ways you could potentially mess this one up. I won’t let you do that though, so keep reading.  Let me introduce you to STICKY BLOCKS: another busy bag idea.

sticky blocks busy bag idea

A fun idea for a busy bag swap

I first saw this idea on Pinterest and immediately went and got my blocks. I got the Melissa and Doug Wood Blocks, but if you already have another kind at home they will work just fine. My box of blocks would easily make SEVERAL busy bags, so if you are getting together with friends for a busy bag swap, then this would be a great one to make for other people!

How to Make Sticky Blocks

Sticky Blocks Preschool learning activity. Works great as a busy bag

Toddler playing with her sticky blocks

I like any busy bag idea that will work for multiple ages (which is why this one rocks)! The Little ones can practice sticking the blocks together and pulling them apart, and the older ones can use their creativity to build things!

  • Make sure you use sticky back velcro. This is where I went wrong the first time. I thought I would buy the cheaper velcro to save money, and then hot glue them on. This didn’t work. Which means I did the opposite of save money: I went back to the store and spend more money on sticky back velcro.
  • For some of the blocks I put velcro on every side, and for others I only did one or two. I also randomly chose which sides had which side of the velcro (if that makes sense). This adds to the creativity in building.

sticky blocks toddler activity


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